Testament of Solomon notes MAJ ( work in progress)


hans demoner e viktiga att kartlägga, KOlla tuben  Asmodeus:

kidnap, murder, torture rep. lust. as wicked as they come.. could mean WRATH.. a coward if confronted Ashema could be A also. .

The majority of the testament consists of Solomon’s interviews with the demons, some of which are grotesque, including one which has no head. Two demons associated strongly with sexuality appear among them- Asmodeus from the Book of Tobit, and a female demon named Obyzouth, [1] who is identical to Lilith in all but name, including the strangling of newborn children. Most of the other demons are otherwise unknown by name from other works. The demon Abezethibou is said to have hardened the pharaoh’s heart, rather than Yahweh.

The demons, listed in order of appearance, are Ornias, Beelzeboul, Onoskelis, Asmodeus, Tephras, the 7 star sisters (a reference to the Pleiades), Envy, Rabdos, Rath, Tribolaios, Obizuth, the wingdragon, Enepsigos, Kunopaston, an unnamed ”lustful spirit”, the 36 spirits of the decans, Ephippas, Abizithibod.

book 2 Kings 17.   from, Kathar made NERGAL those from Hamath ASHEMA worship him. book of TOBID son Tobias  meets Rafael – fall in love with Sarah  whos men alway dies. A curse from A. so that she is SINGLE.

R says heart and liver of a fish – on burning incense – A fleed to Egypt. R also strangled A.

Some speculate A looks out for Sarah and evil or lustful men.

A is in Talmud as Asmodai. (evil spirit)  and the KIng of demons –  asmo deve – spirit of anger in Persia. captured by King S.

A took S place after hitting him and slept with S wife for 3 yers and MOTHER (MARY/ Inanna?) BAtssheba… A fled when S came back. Song of Songs 3:7 ?? that some belive connected to Mary[2]

some says A is Gay and servant to S.

In https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malleus_Maleficarum .: A.  controls 72 demons ..  surving under Lucifer in hell and is the demon of lust.

In https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictionnaire_Infernal

A. has a serpent tail and 3 heads spitting fire one head of a sheep (RAM??) and one of a bull . Rides a lion with wings of a dragon.

The lesser key of solomon and grimoire a spell book : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lesser_Key_of_Solomon A. is the King Asmodai  3 heads too.. on a dragon with a lance to control the 72 demons The testament of Solomon  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Testament_of_Solomon says. S. traps Belsebub after getting a ring from angel Michael . sets demons to work at the temple. A is aggressive when meeting S. He will fall apart and then A will control humans. S has A flogged . My work is to plot against newly weds ” waste beuty of women and drive men mad and go off to other women. Links to book of Tobid with Sarah. Fish guts can keep him bay. Hates water too.. it reminds him of God?

In the Quran he is called Sakh or rock . S trapped A in a rock (Siciliys cave?? ) king of djinns – consort to Lillith or her offspring with the demon Samael.

ONOSKELIS a  shapeshifting Satyr (born of Saturn(Kronos) living in caves.


Her body was that of a woman with a fair complexion, but her legs were those of a mule” – TSol 4:2

When Solomon asked her what her purpose was she stated,

”I am a spirit which has been made into a body. I recline in a den on the earth. I make my home in caves. However, I have a many-sided character. Sometimes I strangle men; sometimes I pervert them from their true natures. Most of the time, my habitats are cliffs, caves, and ravines. Frequently, I also associate with men who think of me as a woman, especially with whose skin is honey-colored, for we are of the same constellation. It is also true that they worship my star secretly and openly. They do not know that they deceive themselves and excite me to be an evil doer all the more. For they want to obtain gold by remembering (me), but I grant little to those who seriously worship me.” – TSol 4:4-7

She describes her creation as,

”from an unexpected voice which is called a voice of the echo of a black heaven, emitted in matter.” – TSol 4:8

She travels by the full moon and Solomon commanded her to spin hemp to construct the ropes used for the Temple. She travels stealthily and kills indiscriminately. She is a half hermit, barely daring to protrude her head out of her caves.


Use mans desire



  1. Abyzouis the name of a female demon. Abyzou was blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy (Greek: φθόνος phthonos), as she herself was infertile. In the Coptic Egypt she is identified with Alabasandria, and in Byzantine culture with Gylou, but in various texts surviving from the syncretic magical practice of antiquity and the early medieval era she is said to have many or virtually innumerable names.[1] Abyzou .. vilket får mig att tänka på att ENKIs namn är kopplat till just ABYSS- "avgrunden" vattnet" några menade var ett annat namn för agartha /inner earth i eller Syd afrika) is pictured on amulets with fish- or serpent-like attributes. Her fullest literary depiction is the compendium of demonology known as the Testament of Solomon, dated variously by scholars from as early as the 1st century AD to as late as the 4th.[2]
  2. Mary IS A TITLE that means BELOWED ( married??) consider the word MARRY and MARRI-ED!)