Stargate notes

HRR templet Irak ( Ninurta ) stargate? Abzu lr universum? Abzu är döds riket BARA havet? Salomons nåt med detta o göra? ” Ancient, mysterious monuments and mythologies, have sparked the curiosity of people for centuries. The pyramids of Egypt and ziggurats of Mesopotamia, have inspired thousands of books, movies, archaeological digs, scholarly debates and research papers. But what if these monuments and mythologies have even more stories to tell than originally suspected, stories that may hold more truth than fiction? Is there a common bond between these and other ancient monuments and mythologies from around the world? Did the ancient peoples possess amazing technology or were they just outrageously intelligent? THE STAR*GATES, an e-book by investigative author and researcher, E. Vegh, will attempt to answer these questions in new and surprising ways:

*What is the Subterranean Chamber of Tiwanaku?
*Where does the Rainbow Serpent Bridge go?
*What is the riddle of the ”trees” in ancient manuscripts?
*What technological role did the egyptian Sacred Pool play in ancient times?
*Where is Valhalla?
*What does a Hopi Kiva have in common with the Tower of Babel?
*What do the ancient megaliths have to do with space travel and wormholes?
*Who were the zombie armies of ancient China?
*What were the Seven Caves of the Aztecs?
*What was the egyptian, Opening of the Mouth Ceremony, actually about?
*How is the Osirieon in Abydos, Egypt, connected to ancient Sumer?
*What was the monster Tiamat and where is it now?
*What does the Etemenanki of Babylon have to do with the biblical Abyss?

Abyss = Abzu
(see also ”What’s in a name?”)

Many scholars have translated the word ”Abyss” to mean, a deep body of water. Likewise, Assyriologists assume the sumerian ”Abzu” is a mythological deep body of fresh water, an underground water source. However, considering the ways in which both the Abyss and Abzu are described in ancient texts and depicted on cylinder seals, it’s highly unlikely that any such translation is completely revealing or entirely accurate. In this book, I will describe how and why such translations are incorrect and provide a feasible set of alternative viewpoints for your consideration.

According to biblical texts, there’s a hidden door to the ”Abyss” and ”Bottomless Pit” in the vicinity of the Euphrates river, a star gate of sorts. It has been there, buried under the ruins of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Eridu, for thousands of years. [1] It’s my contention, that this Abyss mentioned in the bible, is also referred to in sumerian texts as the ”Abzu,” and is associated with a sumerian god known as ”Enki-Ea.”

The Abzu or Engur, is further described as a doorway from which Enki-Ea arrived on the Earth and over which he built the Temple of E. ABZU at Eridu, to facilitate its usage. Yes, you heard me right: usage.
Possible answers to these questions and more, can be found in THE STAR*GATES by E.Vegh!