Queen of Heaven ENGLISH

Many godesses in many cultures can be linked to one or two primeordial godesses.  They have like Jesus just different names in different places and times.  The can also be acquitted to different gods depending on time of the day or year.

Godess Sekhmet (S)  I believe is the punishing side of ISIS /Innana/Ishtar. S had the head of a lion and the sundisk Aten on her head. I think it is the planet and goddess VENUS . My theory is alos Velovkojskijs and supported by the text0 where you can  discern its rampage on earth several times.

-10The great-hearted mistress, the impetuous lady, proud among the Anunagods and pre-eminent in all lands, the great daughter of Suen, exalted among the Great Princes (a name of the Igigi gods) , the magnificent lady who gathers up the divine powers of heaven and earth and rivals great An, is mightiest among the great gods — she makes their verdicts final. The Anuna gods crawl before her august word whose course she does not let An know; he dares not proceed against her command. She ../changes her own action, and no one knows how it will occur. She makes perfect the great divine powers, she holds a shepherd’s crook, and she is their magnificent pre-eminent one. She is a huge shackle clamping down upon the gods of the Land. Her great awesomeness covers the great mountain and levels the roads.

11-17At her loud cries, the gods of the Land become scared. Her roaring makes the Anuna gods tremble like a solitary reed. At her rumbling, they hide all together. Without Inana great An makes no decisions, and Enlil determines no destinies. Who opposes the mistress who raises her head and is supreme over the mountains? Wherever she ……, cities become ruin mounds and haunted places, and shrines become waste land. When her wrath makes people tremble, the burning sensation and the distress she causes are like an uludemon ensnaring a man.

The shepherds crook is tied to Enki, Enlil and Dumuzid who guards over the herds of blackhead people.  Her connection to Baphomet and Lucifer is  strong for me.  I also come to think of the breast plate of Nefertiti with Lapiz Lazuli that she stole from Enki (?) that controls destiny. Both SHE and AN ZU (wisdom) stole it.

18-28She stirs confusion and chaos against those who are disobedient to her, speeding carnage and inciting the devastating flood, clothed in terrifying radiance. It is her game to speed conflict and battle, untiring, strapping on her sandals. Clothed (?) in a furious storm, a whirlwind, she …… the garment of ladyship. When she touches …… there is despair, a south wind which has covered ……. Inana sits on harnessed (?) lions, she cuts to pieces him who shows no respect. A leopard of the hills, entering (?) the roads, raging (?), ……, the mistress is a great bull trusting in its strength; no one dare turn against her. ……, the foremost among the Great Princes, a pitfall for the disobedient, a trap for the evil, a …… for the hostile, wherever she casts her venom …….

29-38Her wrath is ……, a devastating flood which no one can withstand. A great watercourse, ……, she abases those whom she despises. The mistress, a hurinbird who lets no one escape, ……, Inana, a falcon preying on the gods, Inanarips to pieces the spacious cattle-pens. The fields of the city which Inana has looked at in anger ……. The furrows of the field which the mistress …… grass. An opposes her, ……. Setting on fire, in the high plain the mistress ……. Inana……. The mistress …… fighting, ……, conflict …….

The text above fits Sekhmets role perfectly with fire, poison,  punishment and bloodbath, the punishing side of the GOOD HATHOR which means house of Horus.

Sekhmet guarded both temple and FARAO. She was the fiercest warrior they knew , like greek Athena. They had to trick her with wine not to drink all the blood from a village in a myth where she was the punisher of those who had been disobedient.

Her breath was also said to ”form the desert” . All these similarities makes me convinced its Venus they talk about. She caused great disaster in 1500 BC. Before that she wasn’t even ON the starmaps according to Velikovsky although she is visible now to us with our naked eye.  She is said to have been as a star in Sumer, but she can be both.  I believe the Vatican have suppressed a lot here. It didn’t fit their view either when the sun was in the middle. Theres a lot that doesn’t suite those grumpy old men in FISH suit and Fish-hats like Enki, besides perhaps bottoms of boys .

They say she was the spouse of the highest God PTAH and daughter to RA. I wonder if that’s correct? It might have been changed with the AkhenAten commotion.  She is probably DAUGHTER to PTAH and maybe spouse too.. like NUT / ( Net)!

Sekhmet was like ISIS the holy trinity with her husband and son in the cult of Memphis.  They become like the Father, son and holy ghost.. which in Gnosticism can be interpreted like Sophia or Barbelo. Her worship was so strong they had to move the Capitol of Egypt.

Venus is said to have been thrown out of Jupiter which then becomes her ”father”.  The sun is said to have placed her at the horizon.

S has an important role how humanity almost went under after supposedly have defied the gods. Once again we have the disaster of Venus All peoples have stories about and watched VERY carefully on the sky. S punished on behalf of her father the people along with Hathor. She might be just an aspect of S. Both were called the EYE of RA and might even be that of Horus . (see the Falcon in the pic. )

There are so many similarities between Hathor, Sekhmet and Isis I am convinced they are the same. The Eyes and daugthers of Ra etc.   She is also Ishtar / Inanna and a lots of others.

ISIS is also married to her brother Osiris and sits as partner in the Halls of Amenti / The Duat  as judge and weighs the feather to the heart on the scale. Her son Sobek ( ”Rightous” Mel Ki Zobek..) awaits if they dont have a Clean concince. They symbolize both LIFE and the afterlife with the ANKH-symbol they always carry.  They are connected to justice, love and punsishment.

Enkis son, Thoth is mentioned as brother to S and stop her from killing all the people in Nubia. Will that turn him to Osiris or antoher brother? Utu in Sumer or who? When they say ”brother” do they mean that literally? But they bread with half-siblings to keep the bloodline pure. Full siblings was not allowed.

The star SIRIUS is closely related to Hathor and S . Sirius was just like Venus the ”morningstar” which cause a lot of confusion.  https://endtimelect.com/2013/01/03/the-bright-morning-star-vs-the-daystar/

Sirius marked the new year when the melt-water from the mountains  flooded the banks of the Nile river and gave life and prosperity to the people. In August there was a big festival to their honour and people drank beer danced and scarified to the graingodess. Hathor is also the godess of dancing  and singing. The eqivalent here would be Dionysos with wine and dancing.

Sirius is our brightest star on heaven ,  three times the mass of our sun, and over ten times as bright. You could say it was ” born” on summersoltice June 21 330 BC when it was first seen over the horizon in Egypt. This is due to the ”vobbling” of the earth around its axis and the moving of the poles. In the same way the Meso americans lost sight of the Southern Cross from the skies of the Andes. That meant for them the bridge/ crossing to the gods was broken and theiy were doomed to die. The Milky Way is the lifegiving milk of the birth godesss.


Hathor is also said to be the ”mistress ” to the highest god Ptah. Some even parallell Virgin Mary with Queen of heaven often depucted with a blue robe and a white dove and a rose. Sirius is connected with the constellation of Virgo that is said to be the creater of all matter and the divine ratio 1,6, symbolised by a circle with a dot and sometimes a square around it. They have been found in acres of grain without tracks TO/from it. Ofcourse ridiculed by the ”system”.  There are plenty of symbols in stone too that can only be visible from the sky like in the Andes, the big Condor, Llama and Puma.

Fascinating is that the megalithic structures /temples  in the world are in constellation with the stars, in Mesoamerica with Orion who is the ”Big Hunter” like Gilgamesh (and his dogstar), often in exactly true north or south that we can hardly do even today.  They are also on so called ley lines where the (magnetic) energy field from the inner earth is high. They are also built so that the sunrays hits certain points  at ”rebirth” or solstice. The temple at Luxor is built so that the sun rises between to pillars (djed). RAMSES is supposed to have had a ”vision” to build it like that. The symbolen for pillars the Djed is often underestimated. It was important and the foundation of all.

Sirius is in the CANIS major constellation. Some suggest the possibility of interpreting wrong if you read from the wrong direction when translating to/from sanscrit to armenian/greek/hebrew and latin. There are much room for errors anyone who plaid the ”whispering-game” knows. God is dog




Vi har massor av feltolkningar i historien, medvetet lr omedvetet, precis som serpent betyder den LYSANDE och MZZH Reptil samt krokodil på hebreiska. Detta ör väldigt relevant då Shamash, solguden var den lysande och vi anses befolkade av reptil-humanoider. Att gudarna var förknippade med reptiler går nog inte att missa. Deras avbilder är överallt i alla kulturer. Urmodern Tiamat (jorden) sägs vara en drakgudinna.. Vilket för oss tillbaka till gudinnorna.

Att tänka på är oxå med vobblingen av jordens lutning eller vad det var ”försvann” stjärnor o var det hela vintergatan för Incas? (Se incas by timeline på youtube) För dem försvann bandet till gudarna vilket ju var katastrof. Deras namn på LLAMA (djuret o den stora modern) undrar jag om det har kopplingar till ovan? Lamassun från fg avsnitt med mänskligt huvud (man lr kvinna ) ofta med fågelvingar och kropp av ett lejon eller ko/tjur är som en spfnix. Det är symbol för zodiacen .

Den gigantiska Sphinxen hade sannolikt huvudet av ett lejon först . Det är en av de största och äldsta byggnaderna, stor som en fotbolls-plan. När den byggdes är omtvistat men att kung Kafre skulle byggt den är osannolikt, snarare ändrat. De geologiska märkena av vatten måste enligt geologer tagit minst + 10 K år o kanske tio-dubbla att orsaka, som flera t ex Brien Foerester berättar. De visar oxå spår av flod-vågor som vällt allt i dess väg och antas varit flertal bl a runt tiden 3 k fKr samt Atlantis + 11. 6 K år sen.

Engelska Wikipedia menar att Sphnixen är manlig och den i Giza visar kung KAFRE. Det var nog för att passa i deras patriarkala värld där gudinnor rensats ut? Kung Akhen- Aten kom i konflikt med alla präster då han införde den ENDE guden, solen. Hans fru Nefertiti fortsatte att styra som Farao – men sonen King Tut klarade nog inte trycket o dog som väldigt ung sjuk. De högg bort Akhenatens namn från ALLA stenar i hela Egypten efteråt precis som det sägs i biblen. Väldigt många tror han var MOSES. Dottern till Moses/ Akhen-aten sägs ha flytt till Irland vilket det finns fynd för och gift sig med en Sktotsk prins. Enligt DNA test är ca 70 % av männen i Britain nära besläktade med King Tut. De härstammar alltså därifrån, eller så härstammade Faraonerna från Britain – eller möjligen Atlantis som gemensamt ursprung? Det märkliga är att < 1 % av Egyptier är släkt med kung Tut?

Vad många inte vet är att Sphinxen kan ha haft syfte att lagra och sända energi och kanske information? Precis som nämts förut så är GIZA sannolikt inte en grav alls utan dådtidens kärnkraftverk, fast utan att dela atomer utan snarare via solen o vatten o en för oss rätt okänd avancerad teknik med trådlös magnetism som Tesla försökte visa. Det finns omfattande tunnlar UNDER Sphnixen precis som GIZA o man har troligen hittat ingången nu framifrån. Kvicksilver kan när det hettas upp ( av solvärme) expandera o sätta igång processer då det leder ström – som stänger o låser dörrar i en labyrint- lite som Indiana Jones. Det ryktas att det fanns flytande kvicksilver i dammar utanför samt även i Amerika. Har detta någon koppling till planeten Merkurius? Gudinnan knyts ihop med Livets träd som sägs stå i kvicksilver.

I Pleiades stjärnkonstellation är Maya den yngsta av 7 döttrar och stjärnor av guden ATLAS som bar världen på sina axlar. Atlasberergen, Atlanten och Atlantis fick sitt namn av honom. Pleiaderna i Greklands hönger nog ihop med Pleiaderna o de förhistoriska grekerna hette Pelasgians. I en video med Brien Foerester spekuleras i att Mayans var i Egypten då se hittat deras avbildningar där samt att de kan ha gett dem ordet Maya som på någon arabisk dialekt betyder ”havet” inte långt från franska MAR/MER vilket för tankarna till Marduk, som betydde både hav o ljus..

För romarna är Maya inkarnationen av jorden och vårens gudinna med återfödelse efter vilken de namngav maj månad. Detta är misstönkt likt moder Gaia . Hon är också berömd som magins mor då sonen Hermes/Thoth med Zeus var den främste på magi, medicin, astrologi och skrift mm ( se tidigare texter och Gerald Clarke, Matthew La Croix)

Maya är en av de aktiva krafterna: universums konstanta rörelse, genomgripande till atomnivå. Det finns inget liv – ingen existens, utan Maya, men hon är så kraftfull att vi inte kan se kärnan i saker och misstänka hennes rörelse för verkligheten. Av denna anledning kallas Maya ofta ”illusionens slöja”, mångfalden som distraherar oss så att vi inte kan se allt materiellt som i huvudsak identiskt. Illusion är dock inte samma som lögn. Maya är inte en negativ kraft, men kan vara ett nät genom vilket vi uppfattar den ultimata verkligheten av existens – om vi inte distraheras av hennes magnifika kreativitet och komplexitet. Detta låter som de övriga gudinnorna?

Hon är gudinnan Lakshni av rikedom, förmögenhet och välstånd i hindu, Vishnus maka o jungfru-födelsemodern till Buddha. De utgör helig treenighet med Parvati och Saraswati. Den manliga energin är i huvudsak passiv, medan kvinnan är handlingsstyrkan.
I Tibet Sekhmet känd som Senge Dong-ma, lion-headed dakini, ”Guardian of the Secret Tantric Teachings”. Hon kallas Simhavaktra, i Indien där hon är en manlig reflektion av den lejonhövdade inkarnationen av Vishnu, shakti är alla gånger en aspekt av henne. ”Keeper of the Flame”. Ett annat Egyptian namn på Sekhmet var Nesert, ”flamman” o nu börjar jag undra över ursprunget till desert? I Nära östern kallades hon även Anat, Ashtoreth och Astarte. De är samma förlagor till Artemis/Diana. Kär kvinna har många namn.

Gudinnan Netih ( den fasansfulla) är en annan krigs/ modersgudinna ”Creator” med samma egenskaper och symboler, kon på himlen, Ankh, mm. som föder allt och särskilt solen varje morgon. Hennes son är krokodilguden Sobek. Den onde draken Apep skapades av hennes saliv, o den kobra Isis bär på huvudet spottar gift på faraos fiender. Precis som med många andra egyptiska gudar övergår hennes kult gradvis i andra gudomligheters, troligen Isis o Sekhmets. Neith associerades ibland med jakt och krig men förekommer också i samband med begravningsriter (som isis) .

Hathor är både sol o mångudinnan .. antagligen är Sekhmet med solen och Hathor natten och månen. Två sidor av samma mynt. Dualitetet är en viktig aspekt i deras idévärld och dyrkan. Hennes mjök är det livgivande regnet. Horuskulten kom runt 3000 BC att ändra hennes namn, ”den kosmiska urmodern till Hathhor , å han (isis son) representera solen. Enligt deras myter blev hon en dag så arg att hon hotade förstöra det universum hon skapat och återgå till sin ursprungliga reptil -form. Hon förvandlade sig till lejoninna o for fram i Nubien som en ond ande som brände allt med sin stekheta sol och torka. All fruksamhet, parning och älskog upphörde. Hennes bror Thoth sändes (som lejon) för att blidka henne. När hon återkom återföddes Sirius och Nilens svämmade över med vatten på åkern igen.

Not: Detta är ju Venus o henner bror ör Utu/Shamash, solen, Jesus?

Adoration to You, Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the August One in the Sanctuary of the August One. The One Shining as Gold in the Sanctuary of Gold, the Atenet, eldest child of the Aten. I adore Your Majesty with Your heart’s desire, I exalt Your Ka to the height of Nut. I praise Your Manifestation to the limits of the rays of the Aten; I serve Your Majesty in Your shrine. The Powerful One, the Great One, Mistress of Fear, Great of Terror among the Netjeru. The Horizon-Dweller, Mistress of Heaven, the Brilliant One who creates the rays of the sun; the Netjeru rise early in the morning to pay You homage. Your beautiful face is satisfied by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, beloved of the Great Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the Eye of Ra. — From the Temple of Dendera, in S. Cauville:

Velikovsky’s ( Worlds in Collision ) tolkade den grekiska myten att Athena hade sprungit helt beväpnat från Zeus huvud som att planeten Jupiter hade utstött Venus som en komet. Vart 52 år närmade sig den jorden och orsakade tsunamier, jordbävningar och andra katastrofer registrerade i antika texter. Slutligen, efter många interaktioner med jorden och några med Mars, cirkulerade Venus sin omlopp och förlorade gradvis sina svansar. Detta stöds av att gamla texter /bilder saknar Venus i sina avbildningar.

Artemis /Diana , tvilling till Apollo , dotter till Zeus var oxå modern till allt levande men blodtörstig och jaktens gudinna . Hon jagade på natten så hon var månens och djurens gudinna oxå. Hon avbildades höggravid o hjälpte de gravida att föda säkert genom att omvandla sig till livmoder Hon slog vakt om sin kyskhet Orion blir ihjälstungen av Skorpioner när han våldför sig på henne så han hamnar i himlen med vovven.. som blir hundstjärnan, Sirius.

Dessa gudinnor sägs bygga på en ännu äldre Minoisk från Kreta, Britomart (söt jungfru) Diktynna /Aphaea som kastar sig i havet för att undkomma kung Minos men räddas av ett fisknät, därav är hon fiskares gudinna oxå. I övrigt samma egenskaper.

Templet till Artemis var en av antika världens sju underverk. Fyra gånger större än Parthenon i Athen avsett för hennes dyrkan. Det har förstörts o återuppbyggts många gånger. ”I have gazed on the walls of impregnable Babylon along which chariots may race, and on the Zeus by the banks of the Alpheus, I have seen the hanging gardens, and the Colossus of the Helios, the great man-made mountains of the lofty pyramids, and the gigantic tomb of Mausolus; but when I saw the sacred house of Artemis that towers to the clouds, the others were placed in the shade, for the sun himself has never looked upon its equal outside Olympus.”

Folken runt Nilen o dess bifloder avgudade jordens moder MA AT. Ma betyder mor på alla språk. Hon är urmodern för kärlek och rättvisa. I den patriarkala världen ogillas gudinnor så hon maskulineras till man och Ma, (Me i sumer? Innana stjöl Ans ME o Garza ) Det finns mycket som knyter ihop all religion. Nag Hammadi vi kommer in på där de fann de spektakulära gnostiska texterna om Sophia är helt fantastiska o säkert grunden för den Koptiska kyrkan. Sophia betyder visdom och Gnosis kunskap. Än mer makalösa kyrkor i form av stenkors finns i Etiopien. Jesus tillhörde Melchizedekian orden där. Den kopotiska Ptah-hotep menade oxå att hon kunde omvandla och lära människor att bli rättfärdiga och disciplinerade. Hon förkippas oxå med livets träd som i några källor står i en pool av kvicksilver som kopplas Merkurius. (Måste kolla denna källa då han ör man i andra)

Mother godess Asherah in Ugarit tablet with goats symbol 4 Enki/fertility
Video tips Great Sphinx Of Egypt: It’s True Age Revealed And Tunnels Below 14 min Though long thought believed to have been a dynastic Egyptian work, in this video you will see that the vertical erosion on the Sphinx and Sphinx enclosure occurred at least 5000 years before the pharaonic Egyptians ever existed. Also, evidence of chambers and tunnels UNDER the Sphinx., Nefertiti: Ancient Royal History and Modern Genetics – ROBERT SEPEHR Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen and the Great , dessa finns i wattpad versionen.

Sekhmet som betyder man-best på sanskrit frågade, enligt grekiska myten, Oidipus ; ”Vad har fyra ben på morgonen, två på dagen o tre på kvällen? ” Om han inte kunde svara rätt (människan ) skulle han slukas av henne.

I myterna från Indianerna enligt Robert Morningsky sägs att Enki / Jesus gav oss framloben av en uggla , mellanloben av en hund och den bakre hjärnan av en reptil. Reptilhjärnan har vi definitivt samt delar av svansen i svanskotan.

Att undersöka:

People’s corpses block the gates. Brother eats brother. Friend strikes friend with a mace. Free citizens stretch out their hands to the poor to beg. The sceptre grows short. Evil lies across the land. Usurpers weaken the country. Lions block the road. Dogs go mad and bite people. Whoever they bite does not live, he dies. (Van de Mieroop, 48) , writing:


1. Berodde hungern på oroligheter eller Venus härjningar?

2. Månguden SIN /SUEN är Enlil o Nannas son. När blev han en HON ? Är inte månen en gudinna, consort to RA? Eller är det Venus som är consort till RA? Vem är consort till moder GAIA/ Ki/Urash ? Är det CRONOS eller Uranus ?

3. Innana steals ME from AN , rides 7 lions. They arw terrified.. greek mytths is her sister another dark side of HER?

Vidare läsning om Inanna- Härskare av Aratta finns i appendix.

När flodvåg (orna) kom så flydde folk förstås så gott de kunde. Med tanke på hur lika många kulturer är så finns tanken på en slags ur-kultur där de fick sin teknik att skära granit och basalt mm som förstås inte går att skära med koppar och ej heller är särskilt troligt därför att det gör så små repor att de skulle bygga på pyramiderna fortfarande eller templen i Peru. Samma sak Goebkli Tepe i Turkiet.

Att de flydde till Kanarieöarna och särskilt teneriffa, Marocko, Baskien …

MAYA is mother of Hermes by Zeus and Greek/Roman Goddess of Earth . In the Pleiades star constellation Maya is the youngest of the 7 daughters and stars of ATLAS who bore the world on his shoulders.Where do u think the mountains, ocean and Atlantis got their name from? And The Pleiades in Greece Islands? Or the Pelasgian ppl that was BEFORE them? ( in video they say MAYA got their Greek name because they came from the sea. Where they the infamous SEA-peoples Plato talked about?

To the Romans she is the incarnation of the earth mother and goddess of spring and re-birth after whom they named the month of May. She is also praised as ”the grandmother of magic” because her son [by Zeus], the god Hermes, was the first to discover that mysterious art. Hermes trimestos is the God THOTH in Egypt and basically the ”MAGIC- son of the SUPREME GOD , like Jesus.. He is also credited with the invention of medicine, astrology, and letters/writing etc, but mostly famous for Halls of Amenti where souls come after they body is dead for judgement and his Emerald Tablets were his wisdom is written ( see previous texts and Gerald Clarke, Matthew La Croix)
She is (Virgin) birth mother odf Buddha and godess Lakshni of wealth, fortune and prosperity in Hindu, wife of Vishnu, and forms holy trinity with Parvati and Saraswati, Tthe male energy is essentially passive, while the female is the force of action. Maya is one of those active powers: the constant movement of the universe, pervasive to the atomic level. There is no life — no existence, even — without Maya, but she is so powerful that we cannot see the essence of things and mistake her movement for reality. For this reason, Maya is often called ”the veil of illusion,” the dance of multiplicity that distracts us so that we cannot see all matter as essentially identical. Illusion, however, as the sages have stressed, is not the same as falsehood. Maya is not a negative force, but can be a mesh through which we perceive the ultimate reality of existence — if we are not distracted by her magnificent creativeness and complexity.
When ppl say ”Gaia” shouldn’t they say MAYA instead?
Mayas came to Yucatan peninsula around zero – heart of todays Guatemala . By 500 AD – many cities with great Kings. Calakmul and Tikal were greatest and fought each others . Very enigmatc ppl with skilled architects Inverted V – shaped Vaults in the Temple of the Great Jaguar.
– 649 glyfs tell the story of the boy crowned KING at age 12 – final resting place died at 80 yrs old in 683 AD – covered with red stuff and Jade – His 60 yrs old son took over. He deified his mother as the mother creaor godess of ALL and claimed he was her son – with legitimate right to rule.
At 869 AD MAYAS deserted the cities because of starvation and sickness. Lots of Political turmoilMore #Hidden #History in #TheBookOfLife Video is Brian Foresters who points out drawings from #Maya in #Egypt.. Im doing a sort of ”Meta- study” of many fantastic scholars work and hope ppl will find it interesting and read more of them or why not take an INCA or Egypt tour? But u could go to Grand Canyon too.. as they made the caves there — or other ”Atlantean” ancestors? Do we see scars from the first flood and the hit of a comet in the video? Have they done radio-active tests too?

The Moon Goddess is often depicted with a rabbit, for the Maya, like other Mesoamericans and peoples of
the American Southwest–as well as the Chinese and Japanese–see a rabbit in the face of the moon.

I believe Innana is the ”LORD” (NIN)  of Aratta, situated near Himalya Mountains. She asked  Enki for her own city and she got it. He was in Egypt and Enlil in Sumer. Later Marduke pretended for the throne but had to flee. He became the ” Hidden one” Amun – Ra. 

”Aratta is indeed like a slaughtered sheep! Its roads are inded like those of the rebel lands! Since holy Inana has given the primacy of Aratta to the lord of Kulaba, now it seems that holy Inana is looking with favour on her man who has sent a messenger to make the severe message as clear as the light of Utu. So in Aratta where can one go in this crisis? How long before the yoke-rope becomes bearable? As for us, in the direst hunger, in our direst famine, are we to prostrate ourselves before the lord of Kulaba?

His speech was substantial, and its contents extensive. The messenger, whose mouth was heavy, was not able to repeat it. Because the messenger, whose mouth was tired, was not able to repeat it, the lord of Kulaba patted some clay and wrote the message as if on a tablet. Formerly, the writing of messages on clay was not established. Now, under that sun and on that day, it was indeed so. The lord of Kulaba inscribed the message like a tablet. It was just like that. The messenger was like a bird, flapping its wings; he raged forth like a wolf following a kid. He traversed five mountains, six mountains, seven mountains. He lifted his eyes as he approached Aratta. He stepped joyfully into the courtyard of Aratta, he made known the authority of his king. Openly he spoke out the words in his heart. The messenger transmitted the message to the lord of Aratta:

”Your father, my master, has sent me to you; the lord of Unug, the lord of Kulaba, has sent me to you.” ”What is it to me what your master has spoken? What is it to me what he has said?”

”This is what my master has spoken, this is what he has said. My king is like a huge mes tree, …… son of Enlil; this tree has grown high, uniting heaven and earth; its crown reaches heaven, its trunk is set upon the earth. He who is made to shine forth in lordship and kingship, Enmerkar, the son of Utu, has given me a clay tablet. O lord of Aratta, after you have examined the clay tablet, after you have learned the content of the message, say whatever you will say to me, and I shall announce that message in the shrine E-ana as glad tidings to the scion of him with the glistening beard, whom his stalwart cow gave birth to in the mountains of the shining me, who was reared on the soil of Aratta, who was given suck at the udder of the good cow, who is suited for office in Kulaba, the mountain of great me, to Enmerkar, the son of Utu; I shall repeat it in his jipar, fruitful as a flourishing mes tree, to my king, the lord of Kulaba.”

After he had spoken thus to him, the lord of Aratta received his kiln-fired tablet from the messenger. The lord of Aratta looked at the tablet. The transmitted message was just nails, and his brow expressed anger. The lord of Aratta looked at his kiln-fired tablet. At that moment, the lord worthy of the crown of lordship, the son of Enlil, the god Ickur, thundering in heaven and earth, caused a raging storm, a great lion, in ……. He was making the mountains quake ……, he was convulsing the mountain range ……; the awesome radiance …… of his breast; he caused the mountain range to raise its voice in joy. On Aratta’s parched flanks, in the midst of the mountains, wheat grew of its own accord, and chickpeas also grew of their own accord; they brought the wheat which grew of its own accord into the granary of …… for the lord of Aratta, and heaped it up before him in the courtyard of Aratta. The lord of Aratta looked at the wheat. The messenger’s eyes looked askance ……. The lord of Aratta called to the messenger:

”Inana, the lady of all the lands, has not run away from the primacy of her city, Aratta, nor has she stolen it for Unug; she has not run away from her E-zagina, nor has she stolen it for the shrine E-ana; she has not run away from the mountain of the shining me, nor has she stolen it for brick-built Kulaba; she has not run away from the adorned bed, nor has she stolen it for the shining bed; she has not run away from the purification for the lord, nor has she stolen it for the lord of Unug, the lord of Kulaba. Inana, the lady of all the lands, has surrounded Aratta, on its right and left, for her like a rising flood. They are people whom she has separated from other people, they are people whom Dumuzid has made step forth from other people, who firmly establish the holy words of Inana. Let the clever champion and the …… of Dumuzid whirl about! Quickly, come now, ……. After the flood had swept over, Inana, the lady of all the lands, from her great love of Dumuzid, has sprinkled the water of life upon those who had stood in the face of the flood and made the Land subject to them.”

The clever champion, when he came, had covered his head with a colourful turban, and wrapped himself in a garment of lion skins.
4 lines unclear
Inana ……. Her song was pleasing to her spouse, Ama-ucumgal-ana. Since that time, she has made it perfect in the holy ear, the holy ear of Dumuzid, has sung it and has let the words be known.

When the old woman came to the mountain of the shining me, she went up to him like a maiden who in her day is perfect, painted her eyes with kohl, wrapped herself in a white garment, came forth with the good crown like the moonlight. She arranged the …… on her head. She made Enmerkar, her spouse, occupy the throne-dais with her. She raised up ……, and indeed, for Aratta, the ewes and their lambs now multiply; indeed, for Aratta, the mother goats and their kids multiply; indeed, for Aratta, the cows and their calves multiply; indeed, for Aratta, the donkey mares and their black, swift-footed foals multiply. In Aratta, they say together: ”Let them heap up and pile up for the grain piles; the abundance is truly your abundance.” After having made …… for the lord of Aratta, let him ……. He will ……. He came forth ……, he set right for her.
3 lines missing

(An unidentified person speaks:) ”…… befitting ……, …… the ilu song of the heart, …… your abundance in his ……. Enlil has granted you ……, and may …… be made known. …… his father was not luxuriantly fertile, and poured forth no semen. Enlil, king of all the lands ……. In accordance with the tasks which he has now established, the people of Aratta …… their task of plying gold, silver and lapis lazuli; the men who …… golden fruit, fruit trees, with their figs and grapes, shall heap the fruit up in great mounds ……; and shall dig out the flawless lapis lazuli from the roots of the trees, and shall remove the succulent part of the reeds from the crowns of the trees, and then shall heap them up in a pile in the courtyard ofE-ana for Inana, the lady of E-ana.

”Come, my king, I shall offer you advice: let my counsel be heeded. I shall speak words to you; let them be heard. Let the people choose a man …… of the foreign lands, and let the people of Aratta speak ……. When I go from here, the ever-sparkling lady gives me my kingship. Jectin-ana ……. In that city ……, festivals were not ……. Daily …….”
c. 6 lines missing




In the third and second millennium BCE, the mother goddess was in high standing within the divine hierarchy of gods, as for example in the Lamentation over the Destruction of Sumer and Ur (ETCSL 2.3.3, line 55; Michalowski 1989: 39) or in the Lament over Nibru (ETCSL 2.3.4, line 237; Tinney 1996: 115), where she is mentioned together with the highest gods of the Mesopotamian pantheon, AnEnlil, and Enki. In the course of the second millennium BCE this situation changes and the goddess loses some of her high standing in favour of the healing goddess Gula and the goddess of love and war, Ištar (Krebernik 1993-98a: 512).

One of her main functions was associated with pregnancy and childbirth. She guides children when they are still in the womb and feeds them after they have been born (Stol 2000: 80).

The mother goddess also appears as the creator of humankind. In the Akkadian myth of Atrahasis, the Mesopotamian flood story, Nintur created humankind by mixing clay with blood of a slain god (Lambert and Millard 1969: 57-61), and in the Sumerian tale of Enki and Ninmah (ETCSL 1.1.2) the two deities compete by creating various creatures out of clay, resulting ultimately in the creation of humans. The clay is said to come from the top of the abzu TT , the cosmic underground waters. In her role as the creator of humankind she is eventually replaced by the god Enki/Ea, as visible in Enūma eliš TT  (tablet VI, lines 32-36). Frymer-Kensky (1992: 70-80) referred to the diminishing importance of goddesses even in primarily female functions, such as creation, as the ”marginalization of goddesses”.

Divine Genealogy and Syncretisms

Nothing is known about the mother goddess’s divine parentage. The gods AnEnlilEnki, and Šulpae are at times considered to be her husbands (Krebernik 1993-98a: 507-8). Her offspring were so numerous that they cannot all be mentioned here (see Krebernik 1993-98a: 508-10 for further information). The beginning of the second tablet of the god list An-Anum (Litke 1998: 66ff.) lists several names of the mother goddess.

Cult Place(s)

The main city where the mother goddess was worshipped is the city of Keš (not Kiš), which has not been located yet (for possible locations and further literature see Edzard 1976-80b: 573). It has been suggested that Keš was the sacred district of the city of Urusagrig (Irisagrig), close to Adab (Wilcke 1972: 55). An inscription of the Neo-Babylonian king Nabonidus indicates that Keš was still in existence in the first millennium (Foster 1983). Other major cities where her cult is attested are: AdabAssurBabylonLagašLarsa, Malgium, MariNippur, Sippar-Aruru, SusaUmma, and Ur (Krebernik 1993-98a: 511-2). For evidence of worship of Ninhursaŋa see Heimpel 1998-2001b.

Time Periods Attested

Because the mother goddess appears under so many different names, she is attested from the Early Dynastic period until well into the first millennium BCE, though, as mentioned above, she loses importance throughout the second half of the second millennium.


In Mesopotamian iconography, the mother goddess is represented by the Ω sign, which is thought to represent a uterus (Seidl 1993-98). Sometimes the Ω sign is accompanied by a knife, which is interpreted as the tool that is used to cut the umbilical cord after birth. Specific anthropomorphic representations of the mother goddess are difficult to distinguish from depictions of other goddesses (Seidl ibid.). The so-called Göttertypentext (Stol 2000: 80) contains a passage describing the looks of the mother goddess.

Name and Spellings

Not all the names of the mother goddess can be enumerated here. The most important ones are mentioned in the title to this entry. Other important names that also occur frequently in the written record are Aruru, Dingirmah, and Ninhursaŋa (Heimpel 1998-2001bStol 2000: 74-9). However, her most frequently attested name is Nintur.

The Sumerian names of the mother goddess discussed here have the following meanings:

Ninmah ”Magnificent Queen”
According to Heimpel (1998-2001b: 378) the adjective mah ”magnificent” is frequently associated with Ninhursaŋa.
Nintud/Nintur ”Queen of the (birthing) hut” (Jacobsen 1973)
The Sumerian word /tur/ is also an allusion to the word for uterus/womb (šà-tùr) (Jacobsen 1973: 280; Cavigneaux and Krebernik 1998-2001c). Some scholars (Selz 1995: 266) follow the traditional interpretation that the element /tu/ is the same as the Sumerian verb /tudr/ ”to give birth,” but this has been contested on phonological grounds (Jacobsen 1973: 278-81; Cavigneaux and Krebernik 1998-2001c).
The Akkadian name Belet-ili means ”Queen of the gods.”
Written forms: (see Krebernik 1993-98a: 503-7)
Ninmah: dnin-mah
Nintu: dnin-tur5(TU), dnin-tu-ra/re, dnin-tudurdTU, dnin-turtùr; Emesal TT  spellings: [dš]e-en-tu, še-en-tur, še-en-tùr, šènmušen-tur (for additional [orthographic?] variations see Krebernik 1993-98a: 506).
Belet-ili: dnin-ì-lídbe-let-dingir.meš, dbe-let-ì-lídbé-le-et-ì-lí
Normalised forms:
Nintu, Nintur, Nintud
Belet-ili, Beletili

Ninmah in Online Corpora

Nintur in Online Corpora

Belet-ili in Online Corpora

Further Reading

Nicole Brisch

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