Gudinnans tempel en port till himlen?

Templet är en port o sändare  till himlen som ackumulear  o sänder/tar emot energi från jordens inre o skickar till/från solsystemet? Via crystals o limestone.. piezo electric.. precis som GIZA i EKUR … bor gudarna där oxå? Och finns Shambala entrance under? Precis som i Tibet o Polerna?

Intressant är oxå geomterin med golden ration. Det ÄR symbolen för QUEEN of HEAVEN. Pi är i mina ögon symbolen för den allra högsta.. eller  OHM.. Omega…  är cirkeln o LJUSET (betyder det ordagrant) . Ta lite SPÄNNING på det… ;)( ” God: ” I am the Alfa and Omega”)   Tänk oxå på att månen ”bara”  är en reflektor av solen..  det var först en HON o kanske förknippad med Queen of Heaven.. maka till solen.. men av texterna är Nanna deras son… Hon är ljusets drottning.. Venus o Sirius – 10 ggr större än solen ,  han dess kung… möjligtvis ”vattnet ” ATUM.. materian..  deras materia mixas o simsalabim så har vi himlakroppar…

” Plato describes in Timaeus, the spiritual essence of the universe, the cosmic body or body of the universe which God created it on the basis of the geometry and mathematics expressed through the great secular laws, creating through the structures structures and forms (Solid) are expressed through the middle and the end of speech and of course of Φ.



Plato believed that polyhedros are the foundation stone, the most basic and important structural elements in the creation of the Universe …



Kepler, who was fluent in ancient Greek, studied the works of ancient Greek scientists and observed with his later research that the orbits of the planets – and the Earth in this case – ”write” when rotating the region of particular polyhedrons.


For example, Mars’s Track writes the circumference of a Quartet. The orbit of Zeus the circumference of a cube. The orbit of Aphrodite in the circumference of the Octahedron of the Earth, the 20th century, etc.


In Pythagoras regarding the ”cosmic solids,” it is based on the idea that man and Earth are an ideal mathematical and mechanical model where one affects the behavior of the other and hence its evolution at the structure level.


Man lives on the Earth, so he is in relation to it and vice versa. The Earth-Man system is an automatic control system in which one can not act independently of each other without affecting the whole system!


If we now take into account that the Earth has specific points that are directly related to its energy fields, ie regions with increased electromagnetic activity or capacity, areas that due to potential – that is, due to distance from specific energy outcases (celestial bodies) fields that affect the surrounding area and the flora and of course the behavior of the waters of humans and animals (Moon).


The mutual relationship Man – Earth – celestial bodies may be the key of the Gates both towards stars, but also from stars to Earth ( )

(or directly within the human brain!).


Or even more likely there is also the cause of many disasters that have occurred on Earth.

The geometry of shapes that people knew and used since ancient times in their constructions, of course, was not accidental.


The perfect geometry of the pyramids is not the result of luck. But equally random is not the abolition of harmony and geometry in the works left behind by the Great Ancients, megalithic monuments heavily bulky with anarchic construction express the personification of the imposition of the Force on the cosmic soul and the inferior spiritual qualities of the constructors.


Of course, astrological orientation is given, but scientific knowledge and engineering are not necessarily elements of spiritually evolved beings ….


The German scholar H. SCHMUTZ, who wrote the book ”THE FOURTH FESTIVAL OF THE EARTH” makes a detailed description of the Pentagon and its properties and, of course, its relationship with our Earth.


From the whole book I kept a proposal

”The energy situation of a place does not change easily and to achieve this one should constantly bombard that point with ultra-high frequency electromagnetic waves.


But changing the energy field to a point on the planet can cause irreparable damage to the balance of the whole ecosystem. ”


Recently in Chile (not a random place) a city was moved 3 kilometers.

Which means they are trying again to bring the fatal changes to the Earth (nothing good to do).


For the sake of fact, the system of arranged HARA antennas in Alaska, Norway, and Cyprus, with the effects of focused energy on the Ionosphere.


A weapon of mass destruction and influence of the frequencies of the human mind, with its tragic consequences, can result in a combined side effect of the infections of psychoactive substances – barium neurotoxic substances and aluminum, which at regular intervals planes spray into the atmosphere of Greece, and in some other European countries, in order to enable some scientists – researchers to map the energy flow of the earth. Currents and interactions with celestial bodies.


It is scary to use as weapons of mass destruction those precisely those radiation that could be used by medicine to treat madness, schizophrenia, sclerosis, and other related diseases.


Astrology rescues the electromagnetic wave flows in its symbols, in the water symbol.


To conclude, we can see precisely this knowledge of energy interaction with the ecosystem in the NAO OF ATHENS PARTHEN.


In principle, if we examine its dimensions in detail, we will see that in these numbers we express universal units of measure, such as the numbers φ = 1,61803 (golden incision), π = 3,1416, e = 2,61802 .. ( an imperfect number equal to about φ2).

Besides, do not forget the two pyramids they form, the extensions of the hill rock at 835,50m and the extensions of the Parthenon columns in 1852m.


It is known that the Pyramid is the most energetic solid shape.


In the book of the general-writer Ger.Kalogerakis ”The Testament of Prometheus”, the following are mentioned for the Acropolis: ”


The Parthenon of the Acropolis of Athens is made of Pentelic marble, the foundation is made of limestone, the rock is of limestone, shape, the building height and the shape of the columns constitute a diverse electric machine with fantastically energy results, yet unknown to us.


it might seem strange the electricity control way of our ancestors, because modern technology with the full St. Oia makes the problem complex.


The multimodal energy produced on the Acropolis rock could cover a huge part of the energy problem of the city of Athens. Several years ago, this action helped to neutralize the multiple pollution of the city’s atmosphere.


Today, however, it has been eliminated on the one hand because of the removal of the marbles in order to protect them from the pollutants of the city and on the other hand due to the volume of cement and iron in the buildings of Athens.


The point of the temple where the Athena chryselephantine statue was placed was the point of maximum energy accumulation. With the current data the statue was the one pole of the rock accumulator and the other pole was the well, at the back of the temple that is today sealed.


Thus the static electricity of the rock was accumulated in the temple, creating magnetic field, electromagnetic force and ionization of the atmosphere, and these phenomena were maximally enhanced by crystal found in the cave below the temple.


The energy was dispersed for the desired purposes with the temple columns, which were used as energy transport ducts.


The underground tellurium currents and the Earth’s electromagnetic field accumulated on the rock amounts of static electricity enhanced by the shape of the Parthenon and its construction material, pentelic, marble, and cosmic energy.


All the current structure of the temple shows that there was a ground for discharge and a vacuum beneath the temple to relieve excess energy.


The stone hills around the rock of the Acropolis of Athens are part of the entire energy grid producing piezoelectric phenomena, being transformed into collectors, cosmic energy and earth electricity, as well as to electromagnetic energy capacitors.


Later the houses of the base of the Acropolis Rocket also accumulated a great deal of energy (the Pericles Conservatory with pyramidal roofs and theaters).


The static structure was largely due to the dynamic fields created in the joints joints of the columns, and neutralized the displacement tendencies of the vertebrae.


”All the rock is a very powerful energy space, a space for communication with space and a gateway to another dimension, focusing on the point of intersection of the Parthenon diagonals,” according to the Olympians.



The Acropolis rock was a powerful battery of potent energy, positive electromagnetic fields, and the temple was transformed into a capacitor that bounded it with shape, construction and foundations.


The combination of Pentelic marble, foundation stone and limestone rock created piezoelectric and electrostatic charges and these produced a magnetic field, resulting in uninterrupted electricity generation that accumulated in the temple. This action was also used to trigger the Gorgonio when required.


The accumulated energy was extinguished in the caves of the Acropolis rock or diffused into the surrounding hills and reinforced the loading of the marble or special crystals, thus creating an extensive energy grid.


Because of the morphology of the underground area of ​​the rock, the tellurium currents, and the cosmic energy, it also functioned as a collector of orthorax.


To sum up, we could say that the rock is a source of geomagnetic and cosmic energy that accumulated in the Parthenon capacitor, pull pole and transformer of electromagnetic energy and held heavy loads.


The maximum value of the energy field of the rock was at the intersection of the diagonal of the temple and was transported to a depth where there was a special crystal that enhanced all forms of energy.


Today, some may have succeeded in the death of the Parthenon Temple by using concrete blocks instead of marble in the columns, but they could not do the same in the rock despite the sealing of the caves, which neutralized some positive energy elements.


The properties of the rock combined with various cosmic factors, which we will mention later, created jets of light, flashes, luminaries, sound phenomena that gave the impression that the Acropolis rock not only houses sanctuaries but also the Olympians themselves. The Acropolis lighting in the evening aims to eliminate all these phenomena, because … some have demanded it.


As mentioned above, the rock faces at a height of 835.50 m as well as the columns at a height of 1852 m form pyramidal solids to assist in the collection of energy.


More interesting point of the Acropolis Rock is the caves at its base, the number of which according to archaeologists ranges from five to ten. The strange thing is that there is no description of their depth and what they have hosted, nor were they ever investigated. (?)


Why were the caves sealed and their approach for years? What depth did they have? What was the ”Secret” where no one talks about these today? What can happen under the Rock? Is there a foundation for the Parthenon or not?”